Free tools for your Web Site!

Building your own web site can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of Work! We're here to help!

Here is a list of sites full of FREE images,banners,and code to help you build your site! To make it easier to find what you want I've broken them down into catagories. If you're looking for ways to promote your site, or ways to make money from it go to our Power Promotion Page

*** Free Graphics ***

Art For The Web * * * * Recommended
Cool Free web graphics, They can also be customized for a small fee.

Cool * * * * * Very Highly Recommended
Awesome graphics generator Banners, buttons, logos and more. This place is a blast!

2000 Clip Art * * * * * Highly Recommended
Thousands of Free clip-art images for your site!

The Animation Factory
Thousands of Free animated graphics, and Over 100,000 Premium Web Animations and Graphics!

Animation Online * * * * * Very Highly Recommended
Awesome Banner generator for beginners!

Creative * * * * * Highly Recommended
This site has an excellent Free banner generator that is a pleasure to use!

Imperial * * * * * Very highly Recommended
Imperial Art will make you one high quality static banner in exchange for you placing a small button on your website. They do really nice work!(see banner above)

*** Free Shorter URLs *** Redirection
It's FREE and EASY to get URL redirction at Shorten your URL now with one of our several short and catchy names!

*** Free Web Tools ***

Crunch Your Graphics!
Bloated Graphics are the number One cause of slow loading Web Sites. Our new Gif Cruncher, and JPEG Cruncher Will cut your graphics down to size! Try it, it's Free!

123 Webmaster * * * * * Highly recommended
This is a One Stop Resource center! Best of all it's FREE!!

*** Web Space ***

You get Unlimited web space, Free Email, Free Fax, Autoresponders, and Much More, and you even get Paid to use it!

American Voices Now
Be Heard, Hear others! You Get 3 Months FREE Every Year!

*** Free Content ***
Free Chat rooms, Message boards, and even an online Mall!

Awesome Free Message boards which you can also link with other sites.

*** JAVA ***

Code Brain Java
Excellent source of Free, and low-cost Java applets to spice up your site!

The JavaScript Source
Huge selection on Free Java Applets,and scripts!

Psychosis Perl
Great selection of Free Perl scripts!

*** Freeware,and Tutorials ***

WAV get software * * * * Recommended
Easy to use Freeware, and Shareware to make your website building easier, and more fun!

Webmonkey * * * * * * Very Very Highly Recommended
If you want to learn how to build a website from scratch, you really need to visit webmonkey First!. It's all here, from HTML basics, to advanced perl scripts!

Come back often, I'm always adding to this list! Mary.

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