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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why would these people want to pay me to surf?

That's a great question, with a simple answer,but one which will still take a little explanation.

The simple answer can be summed up in two words Market Share.

What this means is Advertisers are realizing something we've known for a while. The internet is far more entertaining than television.

Every day more people go on line for their entertainment. That means that every day there are fewer people watching T.V. The advertisers want the biggest bang for their buck so they advertise on the net,but there's a slight problem. Every day we are bombarded with ads on the net. You can't go anywhere on the web without finding banners advertising everything from ISPs to foot powder. As a result people have learned to tune them out,result,less effective ads.

With the coming of the Paid to Surf programs everyone gets what they want.

1) The advertisers get people to actually pay attention to what they have to say.(if you are getting paid for it you will usually pay more attention.) 2) you get what you want. Money!

To sum it up, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

How much money can I expect to make?

It all depends on what you expect to use these programs for. If you are looking to make a few bucks a month for C.D.s, you can join one or two programs. Say a paid to read program, and a paid surfing program. By doing this you can expect to make around $20.00 a month. That's not bad for doing something you are doing for free right now!

On the other hand, if you plan to turn these programs into a residual income, Then you join a bunch of programs. You then use the surf bars from each program for the total time allowed each month(usually around 20 hours a month) Then fire up the next bar, and start over again. But,the real beauty of these programs is their referral systems.

What this means is that for everyone that joins a program because you referred them, the companies will not only pay your friend, but they will also pay you a percentage.

Let's say that a program pays you 50 cents an hour to surf with their bar, and you refer your friend Joe. Now Joe will also get paid 50 cents an hour, and you will be paid an additional 10 cents for every hour Joe is using his bar. They will also pay you a percentage for anyone that Joe refers.

Most of these companies will pay like this down four or five levels.(some go further) And there is no limit to how many referrals you personally refer. The money really starts to add up after you get a few referrals and help them get some of their own.

Network marketing companies like Amway have used this concept successfully for years, but they never had the tool we have at our disposal, The internet! Every day millions more people go online for the first time. Add to that the over 200 million already using the net, and you begin to see the possibilities!!

Can this be legal? it sounds like you are trying to say that people are just giving money away.

Of course it's legal! I'm a 39 year old mother of 3 with a husband, three dogs, and a mortgage,My husband would kill me if I got involved in anything dishonest!

I never said that they were simply giving away money, you still have to use their viewbars,or read their e-mails if you want to get paid. It's not exactly free money, but it's darned close!

Why would I want to join Webmoney Now?

That's simple. as a member of webmoney now you will have my support, and guidance,whenever you need it.

Also, members receive my bi-weekly newsletter, which is full of ways to help you promote your new business. It also has any new programs that I find that I think you may want to check out. Without membership, you are on your own,like I was at first. That's not a very good feeling.

We now offer a free e-mail service,chat room for trading ideas, a message board for sounding off, and even a web page building service.

There will be more member services coming soon.

Got a question that's not on this page? Simply click the Ask Me Button. You will receive an answer right in your e-mail.


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