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Putting the back in paid surfing!!!

What's New!!

** Brand New!! Get paid to watch Movie Clips,Listen to Music,Play games,and More! Check out Media Bucks! You will be glad you did! **** Get Paid for having a Start Page! BRAND NEW! Skiddily.com This looks like a Keeper!** ** Get Paid for Talking to your Friends!! Check out Cash Glow .com!! ** ** WOW! A Free Ad System that really Works!! ** ** Get Paid to Search the Web!!! Check Out Search Cactus!! It's Easy Money! ** ** Get paid to Learn how to Promote your Site!! Visit Resource A Day! ** ** Use our New Mega-Submit Page And BLAST your ad to over 500,000 sites FREE!!! Just cuz we're nice around here!

YES you can actually get paid to be a slacker! Is this a great country, or what?

Most of these companies will pay you to display a small bar across the bottom of your browser. They then pay you for your time at an hourly rate. All of them will pay you even more money for telling your friends about them. Why would a company want to pay you for seeing their ads? Check out our FAQ link to the left,or click the Ask Me button(you'll find it to the left of each page). Whether you only want to make a few extra bucks for CDs, or you want to start your own web based business. This is a great place to start. It doesn't matter if you're 14~or~94, black, white, brown, red, or paisley print, the web only knows one color GREEN!

Get paid to surf the web!

These links will open in a new window so you don't get lost!

All Advantage * * * * The granddaddy of them all. Highly recommended
This is the oldest (started 3/99), biggest (several million members) and best funded ($100,000,000) company, the mother of them all. They have been paying since June. Pays $.50/hr. for your time, $.10/hr. an hour for direct referrals usage and $.05/hr. an hour for 4 levels of indirect referrals. Must match your downlines usage to earn for their usage. Maximum payable hours are currently 25 hours per month.

Be Paid * * * Taking a wait,and seee attitude but they have a great concept, worth a look!
Bepaid pays you for viewing full screen advertisements. You get paid between $0.20 and $1 for each pop up ad that you view. You can also earn an additional $0.10 for visiting certain advertiserís web sites when the Golden Link option is shown. You have control over which ads you view using the Advision Control software which runs in the background. It is available worldwide and you also earn 13% of your direct referralís earnings and 7% of your indirect referralís earnings.

Cash Glow! * * * * * Highly Recommended
Get Paid for internet calls! Cash Glow pays you for using their Brand new Voice Chat. You talk to your friends instead of typing! Everyone was excited about the Free internet phone programs,think about getting Paid for it! I really like this one!

Cash Meter * * * * Brand New!
Cash Meter is a brand new(a few days old)That seems to have it's act together. The website is professional looking, and easy to navigate. There is very little Hype here, they let their pay scale speak for them! Add in a generous referral program, and you have the makings of an awesome program! No guarantees,but If you join while the company is still small, you will have an excellent chance to make real money with Cash Meter!

Cash Radio * * * * * Highly recommended
Cash Radio is a new program that pays you to listen to music while you are surfing,working, or whatever. There is no download required,you simply log on to the cash radio site,pick from over 200 different music styles, and go! They pay you 25 cents an hour to listen, and it also works with your other viewbars, so you can get paid by two companies at once! Get this one I really like it!

Cash Surfers * * * * Recommended
Surf with an attitude! Get it now! Pays for Unlimited hours & Internationally! Revenue based. The hourly compensation has been rising every month! You get paid for 10% of 4 levels of referrals usage as well.

Click Dough * * * * Recommended
Click Dough is a new program, that is paying now. The great thing about it is there is no download involved. You simply log onto the click dough web site, and get your surf bar, then make money!
Cool Agent * * * * * Very Highly Recommended
Cool Agent works something like Be Paid, but it's even better! No viewbar in the way just a small icon in your task tray, you decide what you see, and when you see it! This is a great program. Don't believe me? click here, and check out the cool agent demo on their website, You'll be convinced!! Get it now while it's still new, this is gonna be big!

E-pilot * * * * Recommended
Excellent viewbar design. pays you, and pays you for referrals four levels down!

Get Paid 4 * * * * Recommended
Get paid to do just about any thing on the web!! Read e-mail, surf, play games, take surveys, and more! Their code return system is a little complicated for their paid e-mail program, but all in all it's a good program.

Giant Rewards * * * * * You Gotta Check This one Out!
An awesome program that pays many different ways! This is an awesome program that is building an excellent online community.

Jackpot * * * * * Highly Recommended!
What a great "spin" on the paid to surf idea. This one is going to be a Winner!(pun intended) Every minute you spend surfing with their jackpot bar, you receive one spin on their Million Dollar slot machine. One spin could change your life! Don't miss out on this one

M value * * * * Highly recommended
Mvalue is another company that has a proven track record.

Paybar * * * * Recommended
Paybar has a really nice bar for your screen. Pay is one of the highest of the surf programs at up to $1.25 an hour!.

PAYS-U * * * * * Highly recommended
Their viewbar is available in north america now, and will be available worldwide by the end of july! Right now you can get paid just for setting your homepage to their very nice portal/search engine.

Radio Free Cash * * * * * No Viewbar in the way! Cool!
A great Idea!! They pay you to listen to the radio! There are over 200 music channels to choose from, with everything from heavy metal, to polkas!

Spedia * * * * * Highly Recommended
Spedia pays international members and the payout is based on advertising revenue received. They also pay you 25% of what your direct referrals earn. By being more active, you may also qualify for Spedia Premier Membership which entitles you to premium payouts that are 20-50% higher. You can also earn money for signing up for free offers and receiving mail.

SURFING PRIZES * * * * Highly recommended
Surf with Attitude! Surfing prizes is another great program paying now. They have a very nice viewbar, along with a generous referral program!

Utopiads * * * * Recommended
Utopiad is a global community of internet users whose members are paid to receive advertisements. Members benefit from recieving promotional messages targeted to their specific interests and earn money for viewing these messages. Cash rewards to members last quarter equaled $87,133! I haven't received a check yet, but it looks like a solid company.

Come back often,I find new programs all the time!

So funny it's practically BANNED! I Love Freebies.com
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