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** Brand New!! Get paid to watch Movie Clips,Listen to Music,Play games,and More! Check out Media Bucks! You will be glad you did! **** Get Paid for having a Start Page! BRAND NEW! Skiddily.com This looks like a Keeper!** ** Get Paid for Talking to your Friends!! Check out Cash Glow .com!! ** ** WOW! A Free Ad System that really Works!! ** ** Get Paid to Search the Web!!! Check Out Search Cactus!! It's Easy Money! ** ** Get paid to Learn how to Promote your Site!! Visit Resource A Day! ** ** EXPOSE YOURSELF!! Use our New Mega-Submit Page And BLAST your ad to over 500,000 sites FREE!!! Just cuz we're nice around here!

Use Zwallet,and get paid to use your Email account! It's like Free Email,Only Better!!

Get paid for reading your E-mail!

You already read e-mail, why not get paid for doing it? These companies will pay you anywhere from 5 cents, to 20 cents or more for each paid e-mail they send you. You can choose what catagories they come in. So if you like cars, you don't have to read any e-mails about perfume,or vice-verse! All of the companies listed, are currently sending out e-mails, and paying right now! They also will pay you a percentage of what your referrals make also. Now this may not sound like much, but if you have four or five programs running at the same time(like me) it adds up quick!! Add some referrals and it get really interesting!

Get Paid to Read your E-mail!
Add Bonus * * * * * Very Highly Recommended!
An excellent paid e-mail program, I receive at least three paid e-mails from addbonus every day!

All Community * * * * * Highly Recommended!
AllCommunity offers several paying programs besides a pay to surf program -- getting paid for reading email, for using their ISP. Their Yes Mail is Paying Right Now.AllCommunity pays up to 4 levels of indirect referrals. It is available worldwide.

Bird Mail * * * * Highly Recommended! One for the kids.
Bird Mail is another full service mail service with a twist. They pay in points, this means that you don't have to be over 18 to use it. Great program for kids. My daughter uses hers everyday!

Browser Club * * * * * Highly Recommended
Two things on the web really bother me. I donít like being spammed, and I donít appreciate others selling my personal data without my permission. Thatís why I was intrigued by this new Internet service BrowserClub.com. This organization functions like a personal web agent that does two things. First, they help you control your personal data and secondly, allow you to profit when you choose to share your data. This looks like a great group with a great service!

E-mail That Counts! * * * * * Highly Recommended
This is a brand new Paid E-mail program! They have an excellent selection of interests,and a generous pay scale. I'll let you know more when I get my first check.

Money for mail * * * * Highly Recommended
Another great program. Pays you 5 cents for each targeted e-mail you recieve, and 2 cents for each e-mail read by referrals.

Pay4mail * * * * * Highly recommended
What an idea! Not only does pay4mail pay you to read e-mail like the others, but they actually send you stuff you will want to read! Each e-mail is packed with ideas,tips, and sources for promoting whatever it is you want people to see. If you are serious about pay to programs, you really need this one!

Resource-A-Day * * * * * * WOW Very Highly Recommended!
Finally!! Paid E-mail that's really worth Reading!! Every Day they send you an e-mail Loaded with Free Content for your site,or Promotion tips that Really Work! Plus, they have even More ways to make money,by using 10-5-QA,and the Silverclicks program. You will actually see your account grow daily! Not to mention the fact that they pay your $10.00 just for joining! If you really want to make money, Get it Now!

The Mail. * * * * * Very Highly Recommended!
TheMail is a full featured email account with options such as signatures, filters, mailing lists, auto responder, and more. And what's even better is that you get paid for using it! With 16 levels of referrals the cash adds up. I use my the mail account every day!

Total E-mail * * * * * Highly recommended
A good program, they send out quite a bit of e-mail. Pay is comparable to the other programs.

YOYO Mail * * * * * Highly Recommended
With a name like that you can't lose! Yoyomail's program works a little differently than the others. You get a seperate YOYO mail account where you get the chance to view nicely made animated commercials! I actually look forward to receiving a notice from them that they have more for me to see. This is the future of paid E-mail!(You would almost think I like this, huh?)Get yours!

Z-Wallet * * * * * Recommended
Z wallet is an Excellent full service e-mail service comparable to the mail, with a great service and a Great pay scale. They pay 40% of revenue generated per page view!! Their E-mail Program itself is Top Notch! I use this one a lot.

More programs coming I promise!

I'm out surfing for new programs every day, So if you don't see anything interesting come back soon!

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