You can contact me with e-mail: Please send me your comment about Dungeon's Scrip. Bug repports are welcome too.

I wrote this game to learn JavaScript and i feel it interesting. Many things can be made with this lenguage without big amounts of money. I did this game full compatible with the most used net browsers: Netscape and Explorer. I think you should need at least version 4.0 of the software, but i've not tested it yet.

Other projects may come. But i'm only one coder and you know the problem of each coder that wants to do a game: the graphics. I suffered a lot to make dungeons graphics. So... if you are a good artist and you can prove your talents, let me know if you want to create something with me. The next project may be a little wargame.

If you're a coder, we can share ideas. I'm not a teacher... but sure i can help and exchange some code. If you're searching for a contributor to your own project or want a worker for a while, may i be interested.