Referral Generating Programs

If you want to really make money using the programs from this site, you need referrals. Now the best place to start is with your friends,and family, but eventually you will run out of them. Then you need to find another way to generate referrals. That's what these programs are designed to do. A variation of the "cookie cutter type of page,These "Referral Partnerships",or "Referral Clubs" are tailor made for "Paid To" programs.

In addition to being an easy way to have your own web page, most also offer excellent tips on promotion. Not bad for a free program!

Below, I have listed the best programs from the dozens that I have researched. If you are serious about using these programs to make money, you need to join at least one of these "Referral Partnerships".

Now, get out there and make me proud! Mary.

Referral Clubs and Partnerships

Downline USA * * * * * Very Highly Recommended!
This program is Brand New! And it's already breaking records! Find out why internet gurus are jumping into this FREE program!

Matrix Surfers * * * * * * Very Very Highly Recommended!
I think I finally found the Perfect Referral club!! Free sign up,and no cost ever!!! No "upgrading to pro,or whatever" No paying to get at the Good Stuff!! No cost Ever!! You move up in the matrix by your efforts,not your money! If you are looking for an excellent referral club. You found it!!!

MAX REF The maximum referral partnership. * * * * * Highly Recommended!
Maxref was my first experience in referral clubs, and has been the best I've found! The program is easy to understand, and very professional. If you only join one club, this should be it!

REFMAKER * * * * * Highly Recommended
Refmaker is a lot like Maxref , except that you can only sponsor ten programs for free, if you want to be listed on more you have to pay a small fee. Still an excellent program with great tips on pro

United Cash Surfers * * * * Recommended
United cash surfers has a great feeling of community, you really feel like you belong to something. Really nice pages also.

Speedline Club * * * * Recommended
The Speedline Club takes the idea a step further, by also offering FFA pages. They list every paid to program around the world, A great place for our friends from Europe, and elsewhere!

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A little more on the subject.

Just a little note on the subject. You will se ads hyping all kinds of referral programs, saying that they are AUTOMATIC MONEY MACHINES! or some other nonsense. Don't believe it! Think about it, if it's automatic, why are these people hyping them so much? If you want referrals there's still one golden rule, PROMOTE,PROMOTE,PROMOTE!!!!! nuff said.

Still the Best! Join Maxref!
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