FFA Networks

One way to promote your programs is by using FFA Networks. Now, these programs can be used two ways.

1) Get referrals by posting ads on ffa pages.

2) Promoting your own ffa page.

Posting on FFA pages

The easiest way to use ffa networks is by posting ads on some or all of the ffa networks. All of the networks below offer a chance to post your short, classified type ad from one single form. Now, this form of free advertising has one drawback. When you post your ad, you can receive hundreds of confirmation e-mails.(I once got 790 in one day!) This means that if you don't want to have to sift through tons of e-mails to find that birthday card Aunt Flora sent you, you should use a secondary e-mail account. (Great use for your The Mail, or Z wallet account, Why not get paid for it?) Also most networks will let you post to individual pages,they say that your ad stays on the page longer that way.

Get your own FFA page.

All the programs listed below also offer you a chance to own your own FFA page. If you want your own web page, and don't mind looking like everyone else, one of these could be just what you're looking for. But remember, no matter what you may have read about these programs, they are not automatic money machines, you still have to promote your page! Most programs do allow some customization of personal pages, so you can get somewhat creative. For a person who wants a web page ,but has very little time for page building, these are perfect.

The Top FFA Networks

911 HITS * * * * * Very Highly recommended
I'm not really sure if this classifies as a true FFA system,(one is included)But I do know that this system really works! Best of all,It's always FREE!!
FFA NET * * * The largest FFA network out there, boasting over 70,000 pages!
This is a great network, although a bit limited in growth. Posting to these pages is recommended, but you will get a ton of e-mails. Remember that your ads roll off of these pages quickly,so post often!

Link Scout * * * * * Highly recommended
More than an FFA page,More than a referral system. Linkscout gets you hits! Link scout is an awesome program!

SMALL BIZ FFA * * * * Recommended
Small biz ffa was my first experience in FFA . I still maintain my page almost daily.

FFA-O-Matic * * * * * Very highly recommeded
Someone finally got it right! This is the best designed,and maintained FFA network I have found yet! The pages load right up, everything is easy to use! If you don't get your own FFA-O-Matic you won't know what a perfect FFA program is like!

My Money Machine * * * * * Highly Recommended
This network is growing by leaps,and bounds, they already have over 10,000 members and still growing! This is an example of an excellent FFA network!

ADZ-4-U * * * * * Highly recommended
Adz4u is an excellent ffa program. It is new, and kind of small, but growing Fast! If you want to build an FFA page into a business, get one and PROMOTE IT!!!

LINKS-2-U * * * * Recommended
Links 2 U works a little differently. They promise to put permanent links on their pages,as long as you agree to receive a ton of e-mail ads in return. You decide if it's worth the trade.

SPEEDLINE CLUB * * * * Recommended
A combination FFA program, and program promotion system. They aren't very picky about which programs they promote, be careful!

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