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Get Paid to do Almost Anything!

Getting Paid to surf, and read e-mail not enough for you? Well you've come to the right page! These companies are willing to pay you to do nearly anything on the web,(and off it too!)From playing games,and surfing, to surveys, and shopping. Take a look, I'm sure you'll find something that catches your eye,and fills your pocketbook too! Now if I can only find someone to pay me to do the dishes! Have fun, Mary.

Get Paid to do Nearly Anything!
Ad Savers * * * * Highly recommended
If you use screensavers you should check out the web site. They pay you you up to $30 per month for just having a screensaver on your computer. The screensavers contain cool animated ads for products and services. Unlike other services, here you can personally select the types of ads you want to see and you get paid every time your screensaver comes on. If you want you can also donate the money you earn to a charity of your choice! They also pay up to $10 per new user referral and have an interesting advertiser referral program that can make you a lot of money. Check it out, It's easy to sign up - just type in your email address and zip code.

The Big Referral * * * * * Highly Recommended
The big Referral pays you to shop online! They also pay you to refer your friends. They also save you money with power buying. Strength in numbers,the more members there are the lower the prices get! You can also donate some of your money to charity, Nice touch!

Cool Agent * * * * * Very Highly Recommended
Cool Agent is a paid to surf company with a difference! You choose what you see and when you see it! No viewbar in the way,just a small icon in your taskbar tray. This program is going to be BIG! Get in now!

Cybergold * * * * Recommended
Cybergold is one of the first paid to programs,and one of the best funded. They pay you to do just about everything. They have also just released their Cybergold Goldbar for paid surfing. Definitely worth a look!

E-FIND * * * * * What a concept! This search engine is also a slot machine! Every time you use the E-Find search, you get a chance to spin to win $1,000,000! If someone you refer wins, you win too! Cool!

GET PAID 4 * * * * * Highly recommended
The name says it all! They pay you to do all sorts of stuff, from games, and sweeps, to surveys. Another favorite.

GIANT REWARDS * * * * * Highly recommended
Another great program that pays you to do almost everything. I really like this one!

MULTI KREDITS * * * * Highly recommended
Multi kredits pays you and your referrals to play games,shop,participate in surveys, and just about Anything else. Definately worth a look!

MY Points * * * * * Very Highly Recommended
My Points will pay you to do just about anything from reading e-mail to shopping. You know you can rely on this one, it's powered by!

NET FLIP * * * * Great way to make a couple bucks!
A New search engine that pays you to search the web. They also have an excellent referral program.

PAYS-U * * * * * Highly recommended!
Pays u actually pays you to set your homepage to their well designed portal, and search engine! They also pay you to shop/ fill out surveys/ answer trivia questions, and others. They also have a fine referral program! Grab this one quick!!

Refer Everyone * * * * * Highly recommended
Refer Everyone is a power buying program that really has it's act together! There are a ton of free services, and dicounted stuff for members only,along with a great referral system, Grab this one! They also began a Huge offline ad Blitz recently,and growing FAST!

Search Cactus * * * * * Very Highly Recommended!
Search Cactus pays you more to Search the web! You get $2 just for joining, then they pay you for each search. You can easily make $12.00 a month without referrals!
SUITE 101 * * * * * Recommended
A great site, and community building program geared more toward women. I really like this site! It's friendly, without being condisending.

Target Shop * * * * * Very highly Recommended
Target Shop is a fairly new shopping club with excellemt bargains,and an awesome referral program! Check this one out!

VIRTUADS * * * * Highly recommended. some games working now.
A program that pays you to play a daily trivia game online. They Just came on line with their main program a few days ago, so I haven't seen a check yet, but it's an intriguing idea. Worth a look!

I'll Have More sites coming soon, Promise!

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