Elf Bowling 2!

Chances are, you've probably at least heard of the original Elf Bowling.
This game, built in 2001 is the long awaited sequal.
Play shuffleboard, as Kris Kringle, and his older brother
Dingle Kringle, using the elves as the pucks!
The winner is crowned Father Christmas.
Although the game has a Christmas theme, it's fun to play anytime,
we fight over the computer to play it around here!

The game is rated PG-13. there is some humor that's a bit advanced for the younger crowd, but mom, and dad will have a ball!

Download Elf Bowling 2,
Elf Bowling.zip Note: To play the game you first have to Unzip the zip file.
For this you need a zip utility like winzip.
if you don't have one you can get winzip free, at

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